QuadBlogging helps to provide an audience for class and school blogs.  Over the last 12 months 70,000 pupils have been involved in QuadBlogging from 2000 classes in over 35 countries.   It gives your blog a truly authentic and global audience that will visit your blog, leave comments and return on a cycle. Here’s how it works:

Each blog is allocated a Quad of four schools or classes including our own. Each Quad has a co-ordinator who is responsible for making sure each of the quad members know what is going on and when. Each week one blog is the focus blog with the other three blogs visiting and commenting during that week. In week two, another  blog is the focus with the other three visiting and commenting. This is repeated until each of the classes or schools has had their week in the spotlight. The cycle is then repeated.

Quadblogging is a fantastic project, gaining international recognition, and being  praised by a range of people and organisations, including Ofsted.

We are participating in ‘Quadblogging’, working with three other schools from around the world to share our class blog.

They are:

Point View School, New Zealand


Ozaukee Elementary School, USA


Please visit them and leave a comment.