100 WC The cat in town by Kirsty and Dylan

There was once a cat called Pepsi.She often went walking down townand one day she saw a pile of leaves but as the leaves rustled she became scared. Pepsi got so scared that she ran away. She eventually she noticed that she was lost. She was in the farm. She asked every single animal where she was but none of them knew. So Pepsi lived there now. One day the owners went down to the farm. Their names were Jessy and Ben. When they found the cat they were shocked to see Pepsi. They decided to keep her. They were very happy from now on.

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3 Responses to “100 WC The cat in town by Kirsty and Dylan”

  1. BroadwayBlog

    Well done Kirsty and Dylan. Super team work to create this special piece of writing.
    From Mrs McMeekan

  2. Annelene Hutton (Dylan's Mam)

    What a lovely story, well done Kirsty and Dylan …

  3. 100wc6

    Kirsty and Dylan,
    Thanks for sharing your writing! Poor Pepsi! I really enjoyed how you used the prompt to start the story (e.g. it being the reason why Pepsi ran). To make your writing even more impressive try to uses emotions and feeling to show the reader how the character is feeling. For example, instead of saying Pepsi was “scared”, you could write about her heart rate increasing, her fur standing up, or her holding her breath. This is just a small suggestion for next time – but overall very well done.
    Mr. Fischer (Team 100; Canada)

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