100 word challenge by Callum and Zoe

He has a big tail and he is relly tall. Lots of people comes  to see it because  he is big and he is made of  all sots of things and robish it tock lost of time to do it.It tock 10 days  he is on a table  up relly high his tail is a datach to the table.He is   dead not real and he has a mathis fase and in the ear and lost of tables ther and lost of things on him . H e has spicks on his back and they are mathis. Amathis eayes to he has pricels.





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2 Responses to “100 word challenge by Callum and Zoe”

  1. Heather from Team WC

    Hi Callum and Zoe. He sounds really scary being so big with spikes on him. WOW!

  2. ella

    that is realy good and i like your first sentance and you could use better spelling.

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