100 word challenge by DaoodM

We were going on holiday to the caravan site in the Countryside in the middle of winter! It was a cold frosty day.The frost was on the grass, I could see the green grass with a powdery white frost on each stalk.When we arrived at the caravan site,I explored  the caravan that my mum and dad  hired for us as a family to sleep in and enjoy the holiday’s!

Inside the caravan it was spacious  and very neat and tidy.There were five beds ,one sink and a cooker. There was also one small bathroom that we all had to share.I was unpacking my luggage and all of a sudden  I looked outside and heavy  snow was coming down from the sky.  I really wanted to play outside in the snow and play snow ball fight with my brother’s.

In the window I saw children running and I wanted to join in.

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