100 Word Challenge by Erin Grantham

I think it is a mechanical monster that looks like a skeleton. The big tube around it’s body carries it’s food. The monster eats human beings. When people drop their junk at the scrap yard the monster puts the rubbish onto his body. When he puts it on it makes him grow. He has big scary teeth made from broken glass and big blue eyes made of buttons. The spikes on it’s back are the monsters spine. The people in the picture run away and hide from the monster. The monster learned his lesson and had lots of friends.

Erin Grantham

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2 Responses to “100 Word Challenge by Erin Grantham”

  1. Amanda St.John Vianney USA

    I like your post!You are a very good typer.

  2. classsix

    thank you but i have to admit my dad did the typing.

    Erin G

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