100 word challenge by Freddie

I was annoyed. Our cat was stuck up the orange automn tree. Could I ever get him down? i’ve tried a pulley with a fresh mouse in, calling out, even scaring him down from up in the tree!  He just would’nt shift. The mysterious cat! Why will he not come down? OH YES! THATS THE ANSWER! I rushed to the shop found an female cat ran back and temped him down. He would’nt get separated ever again. now he needed a bath because he had fallen down oh how muddy it was where he landed, oh how muddy! I am so shocked!

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One Response to “100 word challenge by Freddie”

  1. BroadwayBlog

    Great Freddie – you included the 5 words in your own unique way.
    Which connective could join the first two sentences?
    Mrs McMeekan

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