100 word challenge by Inshaal and Jessica

inshaal-My  special time with my grampa was when i went to pakistan my mum went out with my sister  and brother so i was the only one left so my grampa took me to the sweet shop and I got chocolate foot balls.

Jessica-My special time with my  gran pearents was when thay came to mine for a sleep over.

inshaal-my special time with my grany was when i went with here to a fun fair she got me a sponge bob toy my grany loves me i remember when i had a sleep over with my grany.

Jessica-I love watching my grandad build boats.

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One Response to “100 word challenge by Inshaal and Jessica”

  1. Laura (Team 100WC)

    Hi Inshaal and Jessica,
    I enjoyed reading your 100WC entry this week!
    It reads as though you have written down a conversation, which is very nice. Just remember to use capital letters at the beginning of your sentences and when you write ‘I’, remember to always write it as a capital (not ‘i’).
    You both sound like you have very lovely grandparents and some great memories!
    Well done, a good piece of writing! 🙂

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