100 word challenge by Isobel

Grandparents are important because they love you, take you places, cook you food, care for you and look after you if your mum and dad are away.  I love my grandparents because they are fantastic and cuddly.  They get me really cool presents on christmas and my birthday.One of my grandparents has a caravan and he lets me stay in it.  I like it when my grandparents take me to the funfair and the circus.  I also like when they take my to the metrocentre and buy me things then they take me for lunch.  My grandparents sometimes take me on holiday to scarborough.  Once they took me to Alton Towers.

Thats why I love my grandparents.

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2 Responses to “100 word challenge by Isobel”

  1. Diethild Starkmeth Team - 100WC

    Well done, Isobel!
    I perfectly understand why you love your grandparents. How many of them were you talking about in your story? All four of them?
    Keep up the great work!
    Kind regards,

  2. Laura Team 100WC

    This is a lovely piece of writing, Isobel. It is obvious that your Grandparents love you very much and it sounds like you have done some exciting things with them!
    Well done for this weeks 100WC – good job! 🙂

    Laura Team 100WC

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