100 word challenge by Isobel

I had been playing in the dirt with my friends and I was mucky. I walked through the door and my mum screamed “Go and take a bath!!” So I said  “Ok I’ll go, run the bath”. I went upstairs into the bathroom and there was a mysterious cat in the bath. I tried saying “Shoo shoo!” but it would not be separated from the bath. I tried feeding it an orange. It didn’t work. I thought to myself ” How am I going to get this strange cat to move?” I tried shouting and I eventually got it to move out of the big window. PHEW!!!!

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2 Responses to “100 word challenge by Isobel”

  1. BroadwayBlog

    Lovely writing and careful thinking about how to show you can use a range of punctuation marks. Well done.
    Remember to use a comma between speech and the reporting clause – we’ll go over this in school.
    Mrs McMeekan

  2. Mrs Tucker (100WC Team)

    Hi Isobel, I really enjoyed reading your 100WC. I particularly liked the humour that you have used, it brings your writing to life. I also liked the use of speech, not too much, and it moves your story on. Well done, I hope to see more of your writing on the 100WC. 🙂

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