100 word challenge by Maddy#.

I think the picture is of a robot looking for metal for his house. He takes all our cars to use as toys. He lives in a garbage house, made out of all the scrap metal he Takes from earth.  He takes people from earth back to his house on Neptune and lines them up on his window sill. He collects trees and rubs them together to make a big fire. He makes blocks of metal with a big crusher.  He has laser vision and he can see over mountains.  He takes our lamp posts to use as light.

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2 Responses to “100 word challenge by Maddy#.”

  1. Rachae (Team 100. WC)

    I enjoyed your interesting ideas about the picture Maddy. I love the idea that he is from Neptune and he uses cars as toys and takes people to line up on his windowsill! You paint a very vivid picture with your great descriptions and you have very good spelling and punctuation. Well done!

  2. Chris

    Well done, Maddy.

    A good, imaginative idea. I like the part about taking people back to line up on the window sill.
    Some very good ideas. Maybe think about starting your sentences in different ways?

    Keep up the writing!

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