100 Word Challenge by Maizy

It was a suny day at North acadamia,the chilldren were lerning abawt  recycling and it wos recycling week. As a class, the poject was to bild a sculpcher  with  RECYCLED THINGS. He was calld Adam the recycle bot and he was tallr then four hawses. One stomy nite, there was no moon Adam got struc bay litining he CAME ALIVE!  Evree nite when the town is asleep adam wud eat the rubish and with the recycling he woud bild  frends. Evre yer the town wins the tidiest envaremtin award in te world all thancs to Adam the amezing giant recycled robot.

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2 Responses to “100 Word Challenge by Maizy”

  1. Lynda D (Team 100WC)

    What a good idea for a story. Wouldn’t the world be a lovely, clean place if a monster came out at night and ate all the rubbish? I could see you tried very hard with this writing and I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Miss Kitching (Team 100WC)

    Hello! I enjoyed reading your 100 Word Challenge. What a lovely idea this is! How amazing would it be if we had Adam the recycle bot- every where would be clean and tidy. I like how Adam got an award each year. Well done, this is a very good story you have written.

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