100 Word Challenge by Timmy

Im going to go on my holiday to the woods because i like seeing the animals.And i im so exited,oh i just found a tempel lets go in it.I just found a mossy smooth stone stairs hmm… where shall i go.The steps or the tempel lets go to the tempel firs,wow.That looks like its time to take a picture now wich way  i acnt remeber the way back noooo.Wait a minut i found a way out… thats not the way out i never going to find my way back home thers a chest finaly a pickaxe i can dig out my way yes i got out. lets go to the stairs this time i wont be bairtrapt any more actuly lets keep the pickaxe. now i can go any where woh it to dark here lets light up this area aahh is snake dont rury lets grab my pick and kill that snake… there hes Dead. look thers my favirout lizard this lizard can run on the water.






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