100 word challenge by Titus

Today I went on holaday to a japanese rainforest, that is at the very south of Japan! Me and my freinds payed a lot of money to go there.

I was there at last! In the hottest part of Japan, where the tunnel of wild life. At the start I spotted a pair of steps. The one on the left was moving like a bouncing  jelly  fish! The other one was like a giant waves! which way shall I go? Shall I go the safe way or not? Then I heard stomps, it’s a monster…

There was a house that opened

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One Response to “100 word challenge by Titus”

  1. Dr. Lisa (Team 100WC)


    What an imaginative challenge. I’m not sure which path was safe. I don’t know if I’d like to walk on bouncing jelly fish or giant waves.

    I was a little confused by your last sentence. What happens next?

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