100 word challenge By Titus

There is a junk statue in my grandma’s garden. It is made from all sorts of bits and pieces. My grandma and grandad told me that there were ten little men living in it. These little men have special mechanical beds that can change into different types of mini spaceships. At night they fly off to visit other people’s gardens looking for even more junk. They pinch washing lines to use as cables, garden chairs and tables to extend their home, and sometimes clothes to use as space nets. So, beware of the mystery ten men in my grandma’s statue!


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2 Responses to “100 word challenge By Titus”

  1. Roman

    Really good but you could add more sentence structures.

  2. Miss Wells (Team 100wc)

    Hi Titus, well done for completing the 100 word challenge. This is a great piece of writing with superb punctuation. Your story flows well and I like the way you have included a list, not just naming the things they pinch but why they take them too. Maybe next time you could use different sentence starters to add in description to the story? You could use an adverb starters or an adjective starter? For example…
    ‘Menacingly, the little men fly frantically through the night in search of junk.’
    ‘Shinging, shimmering, silver is removed from kitchen draws and flown back to the huge metal structure that towers above the neighbourhood.’

    Keep up the great writing, I look forward to reading more.

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