100 word challinge by Tom
Grandparents are important because…  they take me to school, at Christmas they buy us nice presants,  tell us weird things about what our parents did… like my dad  having long hair and my mum ridding down the stairs in a cardboard box. They let us have sleepovers where we play games like scrabble, naughts and crosses and draughts; which I always win. They are an inportant link with the past they tell us about what life was like a long time ago. They spoil us with sweets, toys, buying us clothes but most importantly with love. They have lots of time to spend with us.
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2 Responses to “100 word challinge by Tom”

  1. classsix

    I think this is great Tom well done


  2. Miss O'Lone (Team100WC)

    A moving post about your grandparents, Tom. It reminded me so much of the things I love about my own grandparents and what you said about grandparents being a link to the past is so true. Just make sure to read through your post for spelling mistakes. Well done on a great response to the grandparents prompt – I think you have a lovely writing style.

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