100wc hunter vs Lion From zayn and Ben

In the forest there lived a lion and a hunter. They had a disagreement  and they went to war with their worlds. The lion was a hardcore fighter. The hunter got his  guns  and got equipment and went for the battle. Man kind felt unprotected. The energy bomb dropped on earth that killed 10,589. Lions  killed 506 hunters 650 lions died. But as the leaves rustled, lion jumped out. The date the day started in 4260. The hunters were pushing forward  and they were mining shiny and golden rocks. They were burnt. The enemies had daggers, they only had  swords, spears and bows.

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3 Responses to “100wc hunter vs Lion From zayn and Ben”

  1. BroadwayBlog

    An interesting and creative piece of writing. You took the words from the prompt and used them in your own way.
    Super effort.
    From Mrs McMeekan

  2. Mrs Winter Sharjah English School u.a.e. (Team100WC)

    My Goodness, what a fantastical story. I wonder what happened in the end? Well done on submitting such a descriptive piece. Try and keep on eye on sentence structure specifically grammar. If you have a quick review prior to submitting you might spot mistakes and amend them first. Well done, great effort 🙂

  3. alex

    hi Alex here maybe you could discribe it a bit more.

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