1oo word challenge by Emma

it all happened when there was a big EXPLOSION in New zealand in 1567 when there was a massive junk pile under ground was a defeated robot a little spark was lit and brought it back to life it rose from under ground and the robot ate the junk from that day on he was known as junkbot every day he became taller and taller until he until he became to tall for  his cave at the centre of the earth and he was never seen again,

or was he ?

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One Response to “1oo word challenge by Emma”

  1. Mrs Neale Team 100WC

    What a super science fiction story for the 100WC Emma! You have a lovely use of language with lots of fabulous description with adjectives. A long-buried robot being lit by a tiny spark is a great idea. I loved the way that you left the story on a cliff-hanger, leaving me wondering where the Junkbot was going to be next seen. We could do with something that eats the junk around here – it all goes to recycling depots at the moment. To improve your story writing you need to remember that every sentence begins with a capital letter and ends in a full stop. This makes it easier to read and to make sense of the story.
    Thank you for sharing your story, I really enjoyed reading it.

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