Hello from Japan

Myla and I went to Kidzania at Lalaport. And at Kidzania we did different jobs, I did:

No.1 Energy company (Installation)

No.2 Photo studio

No.3 Invention workshop

No.4 Science lab


What Myla did:

No.1 Ice cream shop

No.2 Hospital (Nurse)

No.3 Music studio


Those are all the jobs that Myla and I did. In the energy company (Installation) I had to fix a gas pipe. Then I went upstairs to look at what was happening. In the electricity cupboard and this tube was filled with electricity, then I spotted that there was a house with no lights on. Ten seconds later in through the windows the lights were on.

In the photo studio I was using a Sony camera to take photos of shiny things and the Kidzania characters. I mostly took photos of shiny things.

In the Invention workshop I learnt how an airplane flys. I got to make my own airplane and it hit the target. I called my airplane stealth bomber.

At the Science lab I was learning about good bacteria and bad bacteria. I got a sheet of paper and I had to fill it in with the bacteria’s name, a picture of the bacteria and you had to tick a box to  say if it was a bad  bacteria or a good bacteria.

In the Ice cream shop you got to make your own ice cream and Myla said it was really yummy.

When it was time to go to the Hospital (Nurse) you got to look after a baby (Toy baby). She gave the baby a wash and dried the baby.

At the Music studio you could play the piano, drums and guitar. Myla played the piano and made a recording of her performance.

A few days later I went up SkyTree. It is the world’s tallest tower, 634m tall. The lifts in Sky tree go up six hundred meters per minute. It is the biggest tower of its kind.

Then a few days later I went to Disney Sea! I went on nearly all the rides. I went on Storm rider and 20,00,000 leagues under the sea and  Jumping jellyfish and all sorts of other rides!

From Titus

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  1. BroadwayBlog

    Wow, Titus – what an amazing holiday! It sounds like you had lots of fun and enjoyed yourself. I hope you enjoyed seeing your family in Japan too.

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