In the wood 100 WC by Tarika and Natasha

On a crisp Autumn day, a rabbit came out of it’s home to watch the leaves rustle from the trees. But as the leaves rustled  a hedgehog appeared. Curiously the rabbit hopped to the hedgehog, the rabbit said hello to the hedgehog but the hedgehog did not say anything. The rabbit decided to play in the leaves the hedgehog backed away from the rabbit. Sadly, the rabbit went back to it’s burrow with no friends. Two years later when it was autumn again the rabbit wanted to see the leaves fall from the trees and then he saw the hedgehog again.

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One Response to “In the wood 100 WC by Tarika and Natasha”

  1. BroadwayBlog

    Well done Tarika and Natasha. You worked really well together to produce this lovely piece of writing.
    From Mrs McMeekan

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