My Australian friends

On Saturday 29th September, two of my friends came to my house all the way from Australia, it took them over 24 hours to get here!  Their names are Annabelle and Thomas and they are seven and five.  They were born in this country but they moved to Australia three years ago with their mum and dad.  Their dad is Australian but their mum is English.  We know them because their mum has been friends with my mum for 30 years!  They live in Western Australia three hours from Perth.


We had great fun playing on my Nintendo Wii.  We also went to TJ’s Jungle.   Annabelle used to talk like me but now she has a different accent!  I can’t wait to see them again before they go back.




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One Response to “My Australian friends”

  1. classsix

    Wow that sounds great Izzy. Id love to go to australia.

    Erin G and Dellie

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