My grandparents by Erin [b]

Grandparents are important because they’re family and they are fun.  I can spend time with them for example:

playing cards and going to the park. These are things I like to play. Sometimes we have lovely teas and lunches at their house. Every time I see them they give me a special hug and sometimes a special treat! I sometimes have sleepovers with Ponteland Grandma and she reads stories to me and gives me toast in bed! I call my grandad a tickle monster because he always tickles me. Because of all this,   they are the best grandparents ever.

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2 Responses to “My grandparents by Erin [b]”

  1. Tulsi

    Wow Erin, that is a great 100 word challenge. I really like the way you discripited how and what you do with your grandparents. Have you ever asked your grandparents afact from the past. Maybe next time you could add your favourtie times with your grandparents.

    From your at High Lawn

  2. Daisy 100WC

    Erin you’ve done a wonderful job describing your grandparents, they sound very special. I’m very impressed with your spelling and sentence structures. It was a lovely read, well done 🙂

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