My holiday

I went camping and while I was there I did caving. Caving is when you go into a cave you need a torch and and a specail helmet that keeps your head safe. I also went to seahouses. It is a very nice place we went to the beach alot.               Delphine

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9 Responses to “My holiday”

  1. Kyle

    That is very cool.How long were you under

  2. Natasha

    Nice trip hope you enjoyed it. Did you camp in a tent

  3. Sharan

    Wow what great writing the holiday sounds amazing.

    Did you stay the night in one of the seahouses?

  4. Monks Abbey

    That is so cool! What was it like?

  5. Monks Abbey

    I’m going to go caving next year!Is it fun?
    P.S. I’m a quadblogger.

  6. monkey may

    Dear Delphine

    I like camping too. But I never went caving before. Is it fun? I hope it is. I never saw a seahours. I hope it’s asume.


    Monkey may

  7. Zebie

    Hi Delphine,

    I also went camping this summer!
    And I also went to the beach a lot this summer!
    Do you like camping in the summer?

  8. mishu

    sounds exciting! Was caving scary?

  9. Jeffrey

    It sounds like fun!

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