My one hundred word challenge by Jack m

Grandparents are important because without them you wouldn`t exist, including your


Grandparents look after and care for you, so your mum gets a better life.

 They usually have their own special way of giving you treats. My grandad used to keep

special blue biscuits for me and other nice stuff like miny train sets and DVDs.

Grandparents can help you with  your  homework because they can  tell you about

what  they used to do when they were young. Some grandparents don’t work so they

 have more time to spend with you and you get to go on days out with them.

THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Responses to “My one hundred word challenge by Jack m”

  1. Summer

    It sounds amazing, I really like the part when about the blue biscuits.

  2. Mrs. Doebley (Team 100WC)

    You’ve certainly expressed well all the things grandparents do which make them so important in our lives. I love how you noticed that by them spending more time with grandchildren it gives parents a “break.” Good 100WC effort! (English Teacher, Ocean City, NJ, USA)

  3. bethr

    well done your grandparents are important because your last name would not exist if they were not born keep up the good work, please come and look at are blog at

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