My one hundred word challenge by Jack

One day I was doing some stunts on my scooter and I saw something in  the distance. It looked like a giant monster  that came from a junk yard, but when I got there it had vanished…                                                          

 I heard a tremendous Roar!Quickly I turned around and saw a terrifying ugly monster it had a lawn mower,TV   and a giant funnel as a tail.its eyes looked like gold fish balls and its jaws were giant the teeth were bigger than the jaws! BUt luckly it had no armsand i screemed so loud it was just a model! so it was not scary.                                             by jack m

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One Response to “My one hundred word challenge by Jack”

  1. Miss Windsor (Team100WC)

    Hi Jack,

    Thank you for taking part in this week’s 100 Word Challenge!

    * I like the “tremendous roar” – the exclamation mark shows us how loud it was!
    * Using words like “screamed” tell us how your character is feeling!
    * You have used your imagination superbly and described using some great adjectives!
    W: Keep using a variety of sentence openers!

    Hope to see you next week,

    Miss Windsor (Team 100WC)

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