mysterious smell by Zoe

As soon as i took a step in the bath there was a strange smell coming from outside.So i looked ut of the window. It was a orange car. It had smoke coming out of the back of the car so i was woudiring what had happend.beacause i thought it was somthing mysterious like a fire or somthing.for some reason there was a cat standing out side the car.If the car was still there after i  got out i would call for help. i got out of the bath to call for help BUT i realized it had gone.

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2 Responses to “mysterious smell by Zoe”

  1. BroadwayBlog

    Super effort Zoe. Another piece of writing showing your great progress!
    You included all the words except ‘separated’. Can you think of a sentence to add included it?
    Mrs McMeekan

  2. Kathryn (Team 100WC)


    What a mysterious story! You’ve tried hard to include the words, it was quite tricky wasn’t it? You have used some different sentence starts, like ‘as soon as’ and ‘if’ – they make it interesting to read, rather than just using ‘it’ or ‘I.’ Try to remember to use a capital letter for the word I. We use I instead of using a name so it needs a capital letter, just like your name does!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your 100WC Zoe. Thank you.

    Kathryn (Team 100WC)

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