I went to the Olympics and wore a bronze and gold medals.I also saw lots of athleats.

Erin G

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7 Responses to “Olympics”

  1. classsix

    I worked at this years Olympics! My job as working with the GB Women’s Basketball team. I’m their strength and conditioning coach.

  2. classsix

    Wow are you Nick Grantham I know!If so your my dad

    Erin G

  3. classsix

    Yes, I am the world famous Nick Grantham!!!!

  4. gameboy16

    dear, eirn

    did you know that thay pay 14 billion dollers to biud the s
    tadeum. and why do thay do it.

    from alex

  5. skippy1

    dear class six I like the olympics my favoret sport is swimming. Wate sports do you like????

  6. paostar

    We were reading about the olynpics.

  7. classsix

    my favorite sport cycling.

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