our epic trip to St James’s Park

On Friday the 15th of november our class went on a EPIC TRIP to St James’s park!

When we got of the coach a person called Gavin took us on a tour of  all around St James’s park.He first took us to the bambra suite and funny enough you could have a car show, a wedding, a birthday party and a end of school party too!

Then he took us to the highest part of the building (it was soooooooooo high !)

We all so went to the changing room and in the away team changing room was horibal! There was a bar out side the area they got changed in so it would block the space for the man that brought the clothes in a wheel barrow,so he has to take the clothes out by hand.They all ways pulled pranks on the away team.In the changing room there is stickers of the Newcastle team and when sunderland came to play they put there team on.


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  1. Claire

    It sounds like you all had a fabulous time at St James’ Park. I enjoyed hearing about the practical jokes they play on the away teams when they visit. As a Liverpool fc fan I wonder what jokes, if any, they have played on them. Do you think you could arrange for a school visit to Anfield – I’d be more than willing to accompany you on that trip.

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