The last man has died

I burnt the lice with matches

the war is over.


By Sajaa.

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5 Responses to “Sajaa”

  1. Miss Tarbit

    Good writing, Sajaa. You have thought carefully about the rules to create a great haiku about WW1. You have used information gathered during our Topic lessons to inform your writing – e.g. ‘I burnt the lice with matches’.

  2. sajaa

    Thank you ,I hope you really liked my haiku and you have taught me well about them.

  3. sajaa

    Tis is my name in arbic سجىا الغزال

  4. Miss Tarbit

    It is great to see your name like this, سجىا الغزال ! I really enjoyed our English/Arabic session today – you and Rifal made a great team!

    When we were talking before the lesson you said that you did not like reading. Did you enjoy any of the reading we did together today?

    Maybe if you have a favourite book at home (in English or Arabic) you could bring it in and we could read together some more?

  5. Sajaa

    Yes I did alot. I enjoyed reading arabic with Rifal. It would be nice to do it again and speak more arabic. I sometimes teach my friend to speak arabic. I like to read more.

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