The st james park trip was EPIC

On friday the 15th of november when we went to st janes park we all had a great time.

First we got on the coach and it took a while to get there. Next we saw our tour gide called Gavin and he took us in the lifts Husam was in the first lift and George went in the second lift. After that we went into the dining room and got to see where they eat. Next on our tour we went to the top storie and and went to the highest point in the stadium. Then we went back down and we both went in the first lift the second time we went on the lift. Then we went to the away changing rooms and it was smelly and horible and a quick fact is that when sunderland come to the away changing rooms they bring sunderland stickers and stick it on the newcastle stickers.

By George and Husam

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