Why my Grandparents are important by George

Grandparents are important because they are helpful and kind.They are always pleased to see me .They make me happy and care for me.They give me presents like a brass pigeon.

I love my Grandma’s cooking especially her roast chicken and gravy with vegetables and potatoes .

My Grandparents  teach me things about their lives so that I can know about the past .They teach me skills like music .They also encourage me when I show  them what I can do  like when I play my cello for them.

Grandparents are my Mam and Dad’s parents so I wouldn’t exist without them.


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One Response to “Why my Grandparents are important by George”

  1. Mrs Stones (Team 100WC)

    Hi George,

    Thank you for entering the 100 Word Challenge this week with this lovely piece of writing. You’ve given lots of great reasons why Grandparents are important but my favourite is when you write about your own Grandma and her fantastic cooking.
    Well done!
    Mrs Stones

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